The Perfect 8 Minute Tan

8 Minutes! That’s right. A true, deep, dark 8 minute tan. But did you expect anything less from the World’s leading manufacturer of vertical tanning equipment?

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, it was only appropriate that we should present something special to the tanning industry. The SuperSonic showcases the best features from our highly successful Super Cyclone, while incorporating some state-of-the-art technology developed exclusively for our new generation of Sun Capsules.

What makes the SuperSonic go so fast? For starters, our new 5.5 sided design adds 20% more exposure to the face and front of the body. Our new Variable Voltage Power Boost transformer adds up to 10% more power to the system. Of course, there is the heart of every ultra high performance Sun Capsule, in this case, 54 of the most powerful fluorescent sunlamps ever produced. The New and Improved 220 Watt Cosmolux VHR/HP

An improved and enhanced blend of phosphors packs more UVA than ever before to produce the darkest tan possible from exposure times of 8 minutes or less! The new 220 Watt Cosmolux VHR/HP delivers a rich dark tan that rivals high pressure systems without all the drawbacks.

It all adds up to the most powerful Sun Capsule ever created. The Sun Capsule SuperSonic will deliver a tan darker than anything you could imagine from a fluorescent lamp, with the shortest exposure times on the planet.

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