Eyelash Extensions at Brushed Studio in Huntington Beach, CA

Eyelash extensions at Brushed Studio will provide a fuller, longer, lusher and darker lash line than you would be able to achieve with the best mascara that is available to you in most retail stores. Your new lusher eye lashes will turn back the clock and enhance your eyes to the point that you will quickly see the difference! Most of all, your new eye lashes will be simple to care for which is ideal for any busy woman who wants to wake up with that gorgeous look and ready for a full active day.

We also offer Eyelash Extension Products. Eyelash Sealer, Growth Serum, and Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Some of our eyelash products are listed below. We offer:

– Max 2 Protective Sealer for Eyelash Extensions, Max 2 Volume Mascara for Eyelash Extensions, Max 2 Gold Essence Natural Lash Growth Tonic



Extend the life of your lash extensions. Your lashes will stay on up to 50 to 100% longer with continued use of Eyelash Lab’s Coating Sealant. Applied each morning, it adds an invisible layer of lash moisturizer and non-irritant adhesive to your extended lashes, keeping your extended lashes supple, soft and ON. Consider this your home care kit for your extended lashes. Perfect with Eyelash Lab’s specially formulated Mascara. Available in 10ml size and is enough for about 2 months usage time.



This specially formulated mascara is ideal for extended lashes. Containing almost all natural ingredients like royal jelly and herbal extracts, this boutique mascara is water-soluble and thus environmentally friendly. In addition to creating full beautiful lashes like other leading brands, this product features highest of high quality ingredients and no gunking up. Very popular in Europe and Japan. Available in 8 ml sizes.



This tonic conditioner for eyelashes and brows promotes healthy lash growth by stimulating blood circulation and providing nutrients to hair follicles. Made entirely of fruit, herbal and botanical extracts, this product has shown to bring definite results after 3 weeks of consistent use, with absolutely no side effects.

The ingredients have been rigorously tested by a leading Asian Herbal Testing Lab at a top university in South Korea. For those who are interested and aware of the benefits of holistic (natural) approach to body care, the ingredients in this product have traditionally been known in Asia to contain healing and hair regeneration properties. This product is also a lot more affordable than other brands. Please compare with other brands’ products which are known to have serious side effects. Some of them include, “causing permanent brown pigmentation around the part of the eye where [the product] is applied.”

Eyelash Extensions FAQ’s:

  • What Can I expect during my first appointment at Brushed Studio?

    Your first appointment here at Brushed Studio will consist of an initial consultation, a thorough cleaning of your lashes, prep of lashes, and Brushed Studio application and information on how to care for your lashes. Please plan on 1.5 to 2 hours for your first visit.

  • How long will the lash extensions last?

    Typically 2 to 4 weeks. With proper care, your lash extensions will last as long as your own lash. The life cycle of natural lashes is about 10 to 12 weeks. In order for us to successfully bond an individual lash to your own lash, we need to target a lash that is long enough to support the length of the extension. Typically these lashes are about 2 to 4 weeks old and are close to full maturity. This leaves you with about 2 to 4 weeks of wear before the last lash falls off.

  • How often do I need to get a touch up to get my extensions looking like a full set?

    This is based upon you preference. Most clients prefer to get a touch up every 2 weeks and others schedule at 3 weeks. It depends on how you care for them, the look that you like to have, and the time you want to set aside to get your touch up. A touch up can take 1 to 1.5 hrs depending on how many lashes you need for the look you like.

  • How are the lashes put on?

    It actually is a very relaxing experience and most tend to fall asleep during the application. It is a non- invasive, relaxing, luxurious and painless procedure. The lashes are put on with and adhesive formulated to create a polypeptide bond, specifically for human lashes. The adhesive dries harmlessly on lashes which allows you to have the same flexibility as you normally would with your own natural lashes. We can do a test of the glue on your skin if you feel you may be allergic. This is very rare however a precaution just to make sure! Our premium glue has less fumes and does not cause irritation to the eyes. Many of our clients whom have previously experienced irritation or burning during and after application, claimed that they didn’t feel any discomfort when using our glue.

  • Do eyelash extensions damage natural my natural lashes?

    Not at all. IF they are done correctly by a skilled experienced knowledgeable technician. It is extremely important that the lash that is applied to your lash is truly an individual lash, not a heavy cluster of lashes. We do not put more than one or two lashes on your natural lashes, in a layering fashion that is safe and healthier for your natural lashes. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced licensed Estheticians very familiar with the proper care and application process of individual lash extensions. We truly care about the health and safety of your eyes and natural lashes.

  • What are the lashes made of?

    The lashes used here at Brushed Studio are made of a soft, shiny, synthetic material that provides a natural curve above your eyes. Our lashes are crimp-resistant and flexible.

  • Can I use mascara on my extensions?

    On the bottom lashes, yes. You will not need to use mascara with your extensions, but for those die hard fans we recommend Max 2 Special Mascara for Eyelash Extensions sold at the studio.

  • How do I care for my new eyelashes?

    Do not allow any water near your lashes for 12 hours after application
    Do not rub your lashes while washing your face, pat dry after cleaning or showering.
    Use Oil-Free make-up remover only, Creams and oils can interfere with the bonding of the glue
    It is ok to delicately use a dry eyelash brush to set them for the day

**Apply Max 2 Coating Sealant Everyday! Its function is to moisturize teh lashes and apply a very thin mild coat of adhesive each time you apply it.